Monday, 14 May 2012

Convert your Ideas to Cash (part II)

Technical Evaluation
A variety of individual professional engineers and  product development firms and engineering are cooperating to give you the best result for your new product and can provide technical evaluation and testing services here in i-City.
In case that your idea succeed for the next round of investment these services are provided totally free from i-City!!!
Commercial Evaluation
Τhe commercial evaluation of your business idea with i-City  has 2 different levels.
1st) Unstructured
It's a non systematic brief commercial evaluation of your idea and its potentiality. It is a free service provided for start up and micro business. Since predetermined criteria are not set up results shown an adequate impact but in brief.
2nd) Strucutured
It is an in depth evaluation with specific and determined criteria. This evaluation incorporates Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Feasibility Study and primary technical evaluation.For people or business engaged in one of our schemes it is free but as a stand alone service for sure the cost would fit to your available budget.

At the precommercialization stage, i-City and the proposer of the idea wil have a thorough discussion about how to proceed further.  i-City is able to invest necessary capital but in form of services to commercialize your idea and succeed with your business. Therefore some kind of company has to be formated.
There are two basic players in this process: i-City's Team of Experts and you
So this new venture has many challenges we have to deal with. The young proposer that has to shift gears and become an entrepreneur and adapt a managerial role.This is a part of our involvement. We will train you to the best in order to gain all necessary skill both as a manager and entrepreneur as well. And we will be on your side any time of the day to solve your questions that may rise during this journey. We will collect and document all your questions in order to be used as reference documents by others, and you by your side to help them grow their business faster. This is one of the keys to success is knowing one's limitations. Keeping this in mind, you should ask yourself if you possess the necessary skills and resources to advance to the latter stages of the this process. 
To be continued...

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